Debra T Liu

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STUDY DESIGN Posterolateral L4-L5 transverse process fusions were done on 14 adult beagles. Six were implanted with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 carried by open-cell polylactic acid polymer delivery vehicle. Six received autogenous iliac bone graft. Two received carrier alone. Eleven were killed 3 months after implantation. One in each(More)
STUDY DESIGN Nineteen dogs underwent L4-L5 intertransverse process fusions with either 58 micrograms, 115 micrograms, 230 micrograms, 460 micrograms, or 920 micrograms of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 carried by a polylactic acid polymer. A previous study (12 dogs) compared 2300 micrograms of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2,(More)
The present study examines the effects of dietary potassium (K) on hypertensive glomerular and vascular lesions in deoxycorticosterone acetate and salt induced (DOCA-salt) and two kidney one clip (2K1C) hypertensive as well as normotensive control rats. Animals received a regular (0.28% K), high (1.1% K) or low (0.07% K) potassium diet for 6 weeks. In(More)
The PI3K-Akt-FoxO signaling pathway plays a central role in diverse physiological processes including cellular energy storage, growth, and survival, among others. As an important effector of this pathway, FoxO is involved in versatile activities that protect organisms from stress and aging. Recent studies on mammalian FoxO have established a direct role for(More)
Neural stem cells (NSCs) persist over the lifespan of mammals to give rise to committed progenitors and their differentiated cells in order to maintain the brain homeostasis. To this end, NSCs must be able to self-renew and otherwise maintain their quiescence. Suppression of aberrant proliferation or undesired differentiation is crucial to preclude either(More)
In an attempt to clarify whether circulating insulin per se exerts an inhibitory effect on the hormonal responses to hypoglycemia, with special emphasis on glucagon secretion, nine healthy volunteers were exposed to low dose (244 pmol/kg.h) and high dose (1034 pmol/kg.h) iv insulin infusions for 3 h on two separate occasions. A close to identical arterial(More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify whether the circulating insulin level influences hormonal responses, glucagon secretion in particular, during hypoglycemia in patients with insulin-dependent (type I) diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Nine type I diabetic patients were studied. During two separate experiments, hypoglycemia was induced by low-dose (244(More)
To determine responses in renin gene expression in different tissues of two-kidney, one clip hypertensive Sprague-Dawley rats and the effect of NaCl loading, we developed a novel, highly sensitive quantitative polymerase chain reaction technique and measured renin mRNA at 19 and 40 days after clipping. Basal renin mRNA concentrations were 1575 +/- 127(More)
The relationship between dietary patterns and chronic disease is underexplored in indigenous populations. We assessed diets of 424 American Indian (AI) adults living in 5 rural AI communities. We identified four food patterns. Increased prevalence for cardiovascular disease was highly associated with the consumption of unhealthy snacks and high fat-food(More)
To evaluate the possible influence of regular infusion site changes on insulin absorption, fifteen type 1 diabetic patients using continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) were studied on four occasions: the first day after an infusion site was settled, again the first day after a new infusion site was utilized and the two fourth days after the two(More)