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Chamber-stress equations relate wall stresses to pressure and wall dimensions. Such equations play a central role in the analysis and understanding of heart-chamber function. Over the past three decades, several stress equations giving radically different results have been derived, used, and/or espoused. They can be classified into two categories, according(More)
Kinetic characteristics of glucose transport and glucose phosphorylation were studied in the islet cell line beta TC-1 to explore the roles of these processes in determining the dependence of glucose metabolism and insulin secretion on external glucose. The predominant glucose transporter present was the rat brain/erythrocyte type (Glut1), as determined by(More)
Studies were carried out to find how left-ventricular length and length/diameter ratio relate to body size and degree of dilation. By use of M-mode and two-dimensional echocardiography, diastolic cavity long axis (Led), diastolic cavity diameter (Ded), systolic cavity long axis (Les), systolic cavity diameter (Des), fractional L shortening (SFL), and(More)
D-allose, a glucose analogue, is not metabolized by isolated fat-cells and its distribution space at equilibrium in the cells is the same as that of triated water. Uptake of allose is inhibited by glucose and 3-O-methylglucose, stimulated by insulin and virtually eliminated by cytochalasan B. Counter transport of allose out of fat-cells against a(More)