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This chapter describes the generation and characterization of a stable MK2-EGFP expressing HeLa cell line and the subsequent development of a high-content imaging assay on the Cellomics ArrayScan(More)
The integration of fluorescent microscopy imaging technologies and image analysis into high-content screening (HCS) has been applied throughout the drug discovery pipeline to identify, evaluate, and(More)
Microtubules are important components of the cellular cytoskeleton that play roles in various cellular processes such as vesicular transport and spindle formation during mitosis. They are formed by(More)
This chapter describes the conversion and assay development of a 96-well MK2-EGFP translocation assay into a higher density 384-well format high-content assay to be screened on the ArrayScan 3.1(More)
This chapter describes the development and implementation of three independent imaging assays for the major mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling modules: p38, JNK, and ERK. There are(More)
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