Debra M Satz

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In a world of rivalrous states whose peoples are connected ever more directly by globalization, Thomas Nagel has forcefully reasserted a classical thesis of early modern political thought: outside the state, Nagel argues, there is no justice. 1 From this it follows, given the absence of a global state, that there can be no global justice. 2 Apart from this(More)
Examining child labor through the lenses of weak agency, distributive inequality, and harm suggests that not all work performed by children is equally morally objectionable. Some work, especially work that does not interfere with or undermine their health or education, may allow children to develop skills they need to become well-functioning adults and(More)
I INTRODUCTION Increasing the number of kidney donations is an urgent matter. There is a disparity between the number of patients in the United States who are in need of kidney transplants and the availability of kidneys to be transplanted. In any given year, as many as 100,000 Americans need a kidney transplant, while fewer than 20,000 will receive them(More)
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