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PURPOSE Vesicoureteral reflux is not usually considered a major cofactor in acute pyelonephritis in women. However, there is a subset of individuals in whom reflux must be considered in the evaluation of acute pyelonephritis. We sought to evaluate the effectiveness of endoscopic treatment for vesicoureteral reflux in this subset of patients. MATERIALS AND(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine, in a prospective study, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) response to finasteride challenge in men with a serum PSA greater than 4 ng/mL who had undergone previous biopsy. Patients with a serum PSA level greater than 4 ng/mL who have undergone repeated prostate biopsy with prostate cancer (CaP) that was not detected present a(More)
The increased use of abdominal ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging has led to the classification of adrenal lesions termed the incidentally identified adrenal mass or adrenal incidentaloma. Unlike for the large, clinically, or biochemically symptomatic adrenal mass, the evaluation of patients with small, asymptomatic, or(More)
Stage of colorectal carcinoma and rate of blood loss Sir-We would like to contribute to the discussion on the relationship between stage of colorectal carcinoma and rate of blood loss by Turunen et al. (1984a, b) and St John and Macrae (1984). In our screening programme we detected twenty-four largely asymptomatic patients with colorectal carcinoma by(More)
With the introduction of the side-firing neodymium:yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser in the early 1990s laser prostatectomy became a widely used treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, because of prolonged postoperative catheterization times, the lack of immediate effect, and severe postoperative dysuria, many urologists became disinterested in(More)
Nephrogenic adenomas are rare benign lesions of the urinary tract occurring most frequently in the bladder of male patients. We report the case of a female patient presenting with gross hematuria, which lateralized to the left ureter on cystoscopy. At the time of ureteroscopy, two polypoid lesions were identified in an upper and lower pole calyx, which(More)
In recent years, the homeless population has received much attention as authorities attempt to comprehend this phenomenon and offer solutions. When striving to establish a relationship with the homeless person, many problems arise. We encounter this dilemma when respecting the right of the mentally ill to dwell neglected in the streets and simultaneously(More)