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Naive CD4 cells from aged mice respond inefficiently to Ag, but the factors that underlie the age-associated defects remain unclear. We have used two approaches to isolate recent thymic emigrants (RTE) in young and aged mice and have compared their capacity to respond to antigenic stimulation ex vivo. An in situ intrathymic CFSE injection labeled developing(More)
With age, peripheral naive CD4 T cells become both longer lived and functionally impaired and they express reduced levels of Bim, a proapoptotic Bcl family member. In this study, we show that reduced Bim expression by naive CD4 T cells intrinsically mediates their longer lifespan in the periphery. Moreover, using mixed bone marrow chimeras reconstituted(More)
Pulmonary infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis causes pneumonic plague, an often-fatal disease for which no vaccine is presently available. Antibody-mediated humoral immunity can protect mice against pulmonary Y. pestis infection, an experimental model of pneumonic plague. Little is known about the protective efficacy of cellular immunity. We(More)
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