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OBJECTIVES: This study reports on the prevalence and correlates of perceived discrimination among a national sample of Latinos in the U.S. Understanding the prevalence and correlates of discrimination can help us better address disparities in the healthcare system. We define perceived discrimination as self-reported everyday experiences of unfair treatment.(More)
BACKGROUND Given the persistence of health and health-care disparities among Latinos in the United States and evidence that discrimination affects health and health care, an investigation of the relationship between perceived discrimination and quality of health care among Latinos is warranted. OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship of perceived(More)
EPTD Discussion Papers contain preliminary material and research results, and are circulated prior to a full peer review in order to stimulate discussion and critical comment. It is expected that most Discussion Papers will eventually be published in some other form, and that their content may also be revised. ABSTRACT This paper analyzes how water(More)
OBJECTIVE Limited data are available to understand the prevalence and correlates of suicidal behavior among U.S. Latino subgroups. This article compares the prevalence of lifetime suicidal ideation and suicide attempts among major U.S. Latino ethnic subgroups and identifies psycho-sociocultural factors associated with suicidal behaviors. METHOD The(More)
BACKGROUND There is suggestive evidence that lower rates of health insurance coverage increases the gaps in quality and access to care among Latinos as compared with non-Latino whites. In order to examine these potential disparities, we assessed the effects of insurance coverage and multiple covariates on perceived quality of care. OBJECTIVE To assess the(More)
The offshore oil and gas industry strives to make every process safe for operators and employees. Unfortunately, it is not inconceivable that dangerous life-threatening conditions present themselves. Should an undesirable condition occur, it is ultimately the operator's responsibility to ensure that personnels are notified, and steps are taken to convey(More)
ASTHO Profile of State Public Health, Volume Two is a publication of the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. It describes the structure, functions and resources of state and territorial health agencies and highlights their contributions to public health. Vision Healthy people thriving in a nation free of preventable illness and injury.(More)
Acknowledgements We are grateful to many for their substantial contributions to the development, production and publication of this report. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provided leadership, vision and generous financial support. Kentucky College of Public Health all made unique and important(More)
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