Debra Howcroft

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The debate between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ research approaches continues in the IS field, but with little prospect of resolution. The debate is typically characterised by tendentious arguments as advocates from each approach offer a somewhat one-sided condemnation of the counterpart from the inimical research tradition. This paper begins by relating two(More)
Within information systems development, the notion of user participation has become institutionalised practice, almost to the extent that many believe that not involving the users precludes success. For those developers who focus upon technical elegance, there is acknowledgement that lack of acceptance by users will be as catastrophic for the information(More)
The debate between “hard” positivist and “soft” interpretivist research approaches has been the subject of much discussion in the IS field. Typically, the debate is framed in issues central to the philosophy of science, an area where relatively few IS researchers are truly competent. This paper attempts to illuminate the issue, particularly for students and(More)