Debra F. Laefer

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Traditional documentation capabilities of laser scanning technology can be further exploited for urban modelling through the transformation of resulting point clouds into solid models compatible for computational analysis. This paper introduces such a technique through the combination of an angle criterion and voxelization. As part of that, a k-nearest(More)
Unmanned aerial vehicles now make it possible to obtain high quality aerial imagery at a low cost, but processing those images into a single, useful entity is neither simple nor seamless. Specifically, there are factors that must be addressed when merging multiple images into a single coherent one. While ortho-rectification can be done, it tends to be(More)
Urban modelling applications require high-precision geometric models both for graphical rendering and for engineering purposes. While geometric models, photographic images and laser-scanned point clouds are ideally co-registered to national coordinate grids at the time of acquisition, the quantity and diversity of data sources means that registration must(More)
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