Debra Cameron

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Previous studies on fish retina have suggested that a curved, non-fused embryonic fissure is associated with, and perhaps caused by, asymmetric growth along the retina's marginal germinal zone (where neurons and Müller glia are added appositionally throughout life). In this report retinal growth was measured directly in adult green sunfish (Lepomis(More)
The retina of anamniotes (fish and amphibia), unlike the CNS of most vertebrates, can regenerate neurons following injury. Using the highly ordered mosaic of single and double cones in the retina of the adult green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) as our model system, we examined the events that followed the surgical excision of a small patch of central retina.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify and summarize published literature that examined the effectiveness of social and community integration interventions for children and adolescents with ABI in order to provide recommendations regarding future research on this topic. METHODS A literature review was conducted to identify studies that focused on social and community(More)
An examination of the fine structure of cartilage and bone matrix at the distal epiphyseal line of the femur of a newborn infant has revealed the following information. Cartilage matrix is composed of a network of widely spaced fibers without obvious periodic banding. Calcification is first seen about the level of the third chondrocyte capsule distal to the(More)
Recent empirical and theoretical evidence has implicated the geometrical birefringence of the double cones of the green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus) as the biophysical basis of this vertebrate's sensitivity to polarized light. Because of the intimate link between the organization of the cone-photoreceptor mosaic and the psychophysical details of polarization(More)
  • D A Cameron
  • South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse…
  • 1983
Thirty-three victims of alleged forcible rape who presented at Jubilee Community Hospital, near Hammanskraal, Tvl, during the 10-week period 14 February - 30 April 1982 were interviewed, examined, treated and followed up by the author. The victims, their reactions, the assailants, the circumstances of the rape and the medicolegal evidence are analysed.
In cutting thin sections of dense tissue such as bone, much depends on the integrity of the glass knife edge. The method of breaking the glass by first scoring it into strips has certain limitations. These strips have irregular edges be-T]~xT-Fm. 1. Plan of piece of plate glass. cause they break along the strain lines introduced by the glass cutter and it(More)