Debra A. Sorocco

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Consistent visceral asymmetry in vertebrates raises fascinating questions about the developmental mechanisms and evolutionary origin of fixed chirality of the left-right axis. One persistent controversy is whether consistently biased asymmetry is a later innovation imposed on a bilaterally symmetrical primitive body-plan, or whether asymmetry is a(More)
Efforts to understand cognition will be greatly facilitated by computerized systems that enable the automated analysis of animal behavior. A number of controversies in the invertebrate learning field have resulted from difficulties inherent in manual experiments. Driven by the necessity to overcome these problems during investigation of neural function in(More)
Marine tubificids are abundant and diverse in the carbonate sediments of Bermuda, as well as in many other tropical and subtropical locations. Recently, during microscopic observations of living specimens, crystal-like structures were observed attached to the coelomic peritoneum and in the coelomic cavity of some Bermuda species, including phallodrilines of(More)
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