Debra A. Davis

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Rats treated with reserpine develop spontaneous orofacial dyskinesia that has features similar to tardive dyskinesia (TD) in humans. In contrast to TD, however, reserpine-induced oral dyskinesia develops rapidly reaching a maximal level within 3 days at a dose of 1 mg/kg per day. The present study examined whether rats administered lower doses of reserpine(More)
BACKGROUND Recent empirical evidence suggests that childhood abuse may be related to the experience of chronic pain in adulthood. To date, a systematic quantitative review of the literature has not been presented. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to use meta-analytic procedures to evaluate the strength of existing evidence of the association(More)
An important source of new nitrogen in salt marsh ecosystems is microbial diazotrophy (nitrogen fixation). The diazotroph assemblages associated with the rhizospheres (sediment directly affected by the roots) of salt marsh plants are highly diverse, somewhat stable, and consist mainly of novel organisms. In Crab Haul Creek Basin, North Inlet, SC, the(More)
Salt marshes located on the east coast of temperate North America are highly productive, typically nitrogen-limited, and support diverse assemblages of free-living nitrogen fixing (diazotrophic) bacteria. This article reviews and analyzes data from North Inlet estuary (SC, USA), addressing diazotroph assemblage structure and the influence of plant host and(More)
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