Deborah Young Bradshaw

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Motor unit number estimation (MUNE) attempts to directly assess the number of functioning motor units present in a muscle. It is an important addition to the electrodiagnostic evaluation; however, both intrasubject and intersubject reliability must be minimized for this technique to be clinically useful. A number of MUNE techniques have been developed. We(More)
Temporal dispersion and phase cancellation limit the utility of amplitude reduction in compound muscle action potential (CMAP) as a measure of focal conduction block but may not affect motor unit number estimation (MUNE). Hence, MUNE offers the potential of a specific measure of conduction block. We investigated the role of MUNE in 11 patients with ulnar(More)
Guillain-Barré syndrome is an acute, autoimmune polyradiculoneuropathy that improves with immune-modulating treatment if instituted early in the illness. Preliminary diagnosis relies on the clinician's recognition of the typical symptoms and signs as supporting evidence of the illness, such as nerve conduction studies, which may not be available emergently.(More)
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