Deborah Woolley

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Recent findings in this laboratory1' 2 and elsewhere3 , 4have permitted an understanding of some aspects of mental diseases in relation to the hormone-like compound, serotonin. Furthermore, these findings lead directly to a suggestion for a logical treatment of diseases known as "schizophrenia." The experimental observations have been made solely on(More)
Since the time that benzimidazole was recognized to be a structural analogue of adenine, and its antimicrobial action was found to be antagonized competitively by this purine (l), several other antimetabolites of the purines have been described. Thus, carbon atom 8 of the ring system has been replaced by a nitrogen atom to yield analogues of adenine,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate maternal and neonatal outcomes of collaborative maternity care for a socioeconomically diverse patient population in a California community hospital. METHODS Collaborative practice structure and clinical guidelines were analyzed, as were de-identified electronic medical records for all primiparous women who delivered term singletons(More)