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Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to the Leverhulme Trust for funding this project through CMPO. Thanks also to the Headteachers and school administrators who were very helpful in providing us with data. We are also grateful for advice from officials in the Department for Education and Skills. Finally, we thank seminar participants in Amsterdam and(More)
The principal aim of the CMPO is to develop understanding of the design of activities within the public sector, on the boundary of the state and within recently privatised entities with the objective of developing research in, and assessing and informing policy toward, these activities. Abstract We exploit a universe dataset of state school students in(More)
Objectives. The osteochondral junction can be a source of pain in both RA and OA. Growth of blood vessels and nerves from the subchondral bone into articular cartilage may mediate the association between joint pathology and symptoms. We have investigated associations between angiogenesis, inflammation and neurovascular growth factor expression at the(More)
The paper focuses on the empirical evidence on the use and usefulness of performance measures in the public sector. It begins with consideration of the features of the public sector which make the use of performance measures complex: the issues of multiple principals and multiple tasks. It discusses the form that performance measures may take, the use made(More)
This paper focuses on one of the outcomes arising from England's choice based education system; the extent to which different types of pupils are sorted across schools. Pupil sorting will in turn impact on attainment outcomes, if there are peer group effects operating within schools. We consider three dimensions across which sorting may occur: ethnicity,(More)
OBJECTIVE Structural changes of osteoarthritis (OA) may occur in the absence of pain. In this study, we aimed to identify histopathologic features that are associated with symptomatic knee OA. METHODS Medial tibial plateaus and synovium samples were obtained at the time of total knee replacement (TKR) surgery for OA (advanced OA group) or were obtained(More)
The aim of this paper is to examine gender related differences in performance at age 16. We investigate a number of possible explanations for the underachievement of boys relative to girls, the so-called 'gender gap'. We employ a national dataset of the matched exam results of the entire cohort of pupils who took Key Stage 3 tests in 1999 and GCSEs in 2001:(More)