Deborah Wilson

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Objectives. The osteochondral junction can be a source of pain in both RA and OA. Growth of blood vessels and nerves from the subchondral bone into articular cartilage may mediate the association between joint pathology and symptoms. We have investigated associations between angiogenesis, inflammation and neurovascular growth factor expression at the(More)
The paper focuses on the empirical evidence on the use and usefulness of performance measures in the public sector. It begins with consideration of the features of the public sector which make the use of performance measures complex: the issues of multiple principals and multiple tasks. It discusses the form that performance measures may take, the use made(More)
We document ethnic segregation in secondary schools in England in 2001 in order to contribute to the debate on the degree of ethnic group social integration. We use indices of dissimilarity and isolation to compare the patterns of segregation across nine ethnic groups. We find that levels of ethnic segregation in England's schools are high, with(More)
OBJECTIVE Structural changes of osteoarthritis (OA) may occur in the absence of pain. In this study, we aimed to identify histopathologic features that are associated with symptomatic knee OA. METHODS Medial tibial plateaus and synovium samples were obtained at the time of total knee replacement (TKR) surgery for OA (advanced OA group) or were obtained(More)
Aspects of both educational development and multi-cultural interrelationships are frequently related to school ethnic composition, with arguments that ethnically segregated schools both retard the development of multi-ethnic understanding and influence educational performance. In this paper, we employ data on their ethnic composition to portray the extent(More)
This paper reviews the use of performance monitoring in the UK public sector, excluding its use in health care. Our focus is on finding robust evidence that evaluates the success of the introduction of performance monitoring in terms of its impact both on behaviour and on final outcomes. We begin with a general discussion of performance monitoring(More)
Performance tables for UK secondary schools have been published annually since 1992. In 2003, for the first time, these tables additionally include a measure of the educational 'value added' by a school to its pupils. This paper provides the first large scale analysis of the likely impact of the new value added performance indicator on the rankings of(More)
The Talking Walls® is a multimedia application that can to be adapted to suit any heritage site or historical building. The application recreates specific timeslices of a space, for example as defined by the architectural changes to the property. The application has been designed to be delivered via a range of different technologies such as DVD, Kiosk and(More)