Deborah W. Thomas

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The purpose of this article is to study the relationship between personality and wandering behavior among individuals with dementia. Surrogates of 20 wanderers and 20 non-wanderers were administered a demographic and personality questionnaire. The findings, which also included a qualitative follow-up, revealed that wanderers scored significantly higher than(More)
1. Two typologies of wandering behavior, "continuous" and "sporadic" can be distinguished when time-in-motion is used as a criteria. 2. Interventions for "continuous wanderers" should emphasize modification of the environment while organized activities and verbal communication techniques should be stressed for the "sporadic wanderer." 3. Empirical research(More)
For decades, tax researchers have investigated why some people pay taxes and others do not. Through experiments, random surveys, and available tax databases, researchers have identified characteristics of noncompliant taxpayers and factors that motivate tax compliance. We add to this stream of research on the motivations of noncompliant taxpayers in a(More)
Small town population change is an important factor in the urbanization process. We analyzed changes in incorporated places under 10,000 in the United States during the 1940-60 period, making a distinction between changes in population size classes and changes in places grouped by initial size. We made balance sheets for size classes under 1,000,(More)
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