Deborah Verrier

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BACKGROUND Little is known concerning the safety of the outpatient chemotherapy process. In the current study, the authors sought to identify medication error and potential adverse drug event (ADE) rates in the outpatient chemotherapy setting. METHODS A prospective cohort study of two adult and one pediatric outpatient chemotherapy infusion units at one(More)
The quantitative use of NMR spectroscopy was investigated by a reproducibility study of 1H-NMR integrals involving five laboratories. A significant laboratory effect was found confirming the difficulty to obtain very precise data by integration of complex signals. The reproducibility of any NMR assay measurement, which requires a high precision should be(More)
Under the framework of French R&D studies for Generation IV reactors and more specifically for sodium-cooled fast reactors (SFR); the CEA, EDF and AREVA have launched a joint coordinated research programme. This paper deals with the R&D sets out to achieve better inspection, maintenance, availability and decommissioning. In particular the(More)
The neutron flux monitoring system of the French GEN-IV sodium-cooled fast reactor will rely on high-temperature fission chambers installed in the reactor vessel and capable of operating over a wide-range neutron flux. The definition of such a system is presented and the technological solutions are justified with the use of simulation and experimental(More)
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