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Sixty-five parents of individuals affected by fragile X syndrome who attended the National Fragile X Conference in Portland, Oregon (1996), were asked to complete a survey assessing parental level of concern about carrier testing in children at risk for fragile X syndrome. All subjects completed a 15-item paper and pencil Likert response scale measure that(More)
This paper reports the results of a longitudinal study of women at-risk to inherit the fragile X mutation. It addresses 1) how upsetting the women perceived their carrier information to be, 2) how serious a problem they perceive fragile X syndrome to be, and 3) descriptions of feelings about the carrier testing process. The study sample consisted of 42(More)
We conducted a double-blind pilot study of 8 patients with established cerebral infarction to evaluate the effect of a single dose of amphetamine on recovery of motor function using the Fugl-Meyer scale. Four patients received amphetamine; the rest were given placebo. All underwent a session of physical therapy. Patients treated with amphetamine obtained(More)
The skin surface represents our interface with the external environment, and as such, is our first line of defense against microbial colonization and infection. Lipids at the skin surface are thought to underlie at least part of an antimicrobial barrier. Some of these lipids are synthesized in the epidermis and are carried to the surface as cells(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association of the level of soluble serum interleukin-2 receptor (sIL-2R) with disease activity and response to therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). METHODS The sIL-2R levels of 148 patients with refractory RA were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. This parameter was correlated with other clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Several emerging stroke therapies require patients to be treated within several hours of symptom onset. Past studies have documented a significant delay between symptom onset and hospital presentation. As part of an experimental treatment study using tissue-type plasminogen activator, we began a multifaceted program of public and(More)
INTRODUCTION We previously reported that, on average, maxillary molars erupt with buccal crown torque and upright with age, mandibular molars erupt with lingual crown torque and upright with age, and these molar crown torque changes are accompanied by concurrent increases in maxillary and mandibular intermolar widths. Our purpose in this study was to(More)
There is growing evidence that the role of lipids in innate immunity is more important than previously realized. How lipids interact with bacteria to achieve a level of protection, however, is still poorly understood. To begin to address the mechanisms of antibacterial activity, we determined MICs and minimum bactericidal concentrations (MBCs) of lipids(More)
High-field-strength (1.5-T) MR imaging was used to evaluate 47 patients with definite multiple sclerosis and 42 neurologically normal control patients. Abnormal, multiple foci of increased signal intensity on T2-weighted images, most prominent in the periventricular white matter, were apparent in 43 of 47 MS patients and in two of 42 control patients. A(More)
The existence of an X-linked sensorimotor peripheral neuropathy has been debated. We reevaluated the original family, and present data on 13 affected males and 25 obligate or probable heterozygous females, documenting the devastating nature of the disease in the men and the extremely variable degree of clinical involvement in the carriers. Use of DNA probes(More)