Deborah Towne

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OBJECTIVE To determine if the addition of intravenous terbutaline provides any clinical benefit to children with acute severe asthma already on continuous high-dose nebulized albuterol. METHODS We conducted a prospective, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial on pediatric patients with acute severe asthma presenting to a large inner city(More)
The Ah locus encodes a cytosolic receptor which controls the induction of enzymes that metabolize drugs, chemical carcinogens, and other environmental pollutants. B6NXC3N recombinant inbred lines have been developed from the progenitors C57BL/6N and C3H/HeN inbred mouse strains. Ah phenotyping at each generation has resulted in the establishment of some(More)
A highly reproducible model of fulminant hepatic failure was developed by administering intravenously the selective hepatotoxin galactosamine hydrochloride (4.25 mmoles per kg) to genetically uniform rabbits. The great majority of rabbits died between 21 and 44 hr after injection following a period of coma which lasted 2.6 hr on average. Serum biochemical(More)
We describe here apparatus and procedures for conducting potentiometric titrations and for analyzing the collected data in terms of the number of components present, their amounts and their midpoint potentials. Using these procedures we have determined the presence of three forms of cytochrome b1 in Escherichia coli with midpoint potentials at pH 7.1 OF(More)
Despite the availability of a safe, effective polysaccharide vaccine, group A meningococcal meningitis epidemics persist in sub-Saharan Africa. In October 1996, there were almost 150,000 reported cases and 15,000 deaths, the majority of which involved children. At 3 months of age, induction of protective group A meningococcal antibody levels requires 2(More)
Four hundred and twelve Bedouin Arab women were interviewed within 48 hours of delivering a newborn in 1982 and two months later to examine the effect of social support during the forty-day postpartum rest period on the incidence of exclusive breast feeding at two months. Whereas the distribution of infant feeding practices at two months did not differ(More)
The kinetic data presented in the previous paper (Mihalyi, E., et al. (1976), Biochemistry 15, preceding paper in this issue), with respect to the fragmentation of human the bovine fibrinogen by either plasmin or trypsin, were compared with several chemical kinetic models. The models were derived mathematically on the basis of the three-nodular structure(More)
Cysteamine is the most effective agent known for the reduction of the elevated cystine content of cells from patients with cystinosis. A defect in endogenous cysteamine generation could account for many of the metabolic features of this disorder. To test this hypothesis, we have developed improved methods for measuring pantetheinase (cysteamine-generating)(More)