Deborah Taylor

G Lorimer Moseley2
Rob J E M Smeets2
Tasha R Stanton2
Chung-Wei Christine Lin2
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2G Lorimer Moseley
2Rob J E M Smeets
2Tasha R Stanton
2Chung-Wei Christine Lin
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OBJECTIVE To determine whether tactile acuity is disrupted in people with knee OA and to determine whether tactile acuity, a clinical signature of primary sensory cortex representation, is related to motor imagery performance (MIP; evaluates working body schema) and pain. METHODS Experiment 1: two-point discrimination (TPD) threshold at the knee was(More)
  • Roland J Saldanha, Adin Pemberton, Patrick Shiflett, Jiri Perutka, Jacob T Whitt, Andrew Ellington +4 others
  • 2013
BACKGROUND Anthrax is a zoonotic disease recognized to affect herbivores since Biblical times and has the widest range of susceptible host species of any known pathogen. The ease with which the bacterium can be weaponized and its recent deliberate use as an agent of terror, have highlighted the importance of gaining a deeper understanding and effective(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether motor imagery performance is disrupted in patients with painful knee OA and if this disruption is specific to the location of the pain. METHODS Twenty patients with painful knee OA, 20 patients with arm pain and 20 healthy pain-free controls undertook a motor imagery task in which they made left/right judgements of pictured(More)
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