Deborah T. Carran

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As the graying workforce increases and the work patterns of our younger workers are more mobile, knowledge retention, attrition, and transfer become key determinants of the longevity of an organization. This is particularly true in edge organizations, which thrive on adaptability and agility to survive. In order for workforce development and succession(More)
In 1993, The Council on Quality and Leadership in Supports for People With Disabilities (The Council) developed a person-centered outcome assessment instrument, Personal Outcome Measures (1997). The Council has maintained a database (N = 3,630) of Personal Outcome Measures interviews conducted during accreditation reviews. Our purpose in this article is to(More)
The effects of tape-recorded self-instruction cues on the mathematics performance of students with learning disabilities (LD) were investigated. Nine students were assigned to one of three conditions: an experimental condition, in which students attended two training sessions in self-instruction (SIT); an observer condition, wherein students observed SIT(More)
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