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Perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsions, due to their favorable oxygen transporting properties, have been proposed as tumor sensitizers for application in both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. While this application is a very promising one it is by no means simple, and presently available formulations are inadequate. Intravenous administration of these emulsions can(More)
OBJECTIVES To summarize and discuss centre-level variation across a range of treatment and outcome measures and examine individual and ecological determinants of outcome in children in Cleft Care UK (CCUK). SETTING AND SAMPLE POPULATION Two hundred and sixty-eight 5-year-old British children with non-syndromic unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP)(More)
An 11-year-old girl contracted pneumonia with consolidation of the left lower lobe, infiltrates in the lingula and left upper lobe, and a large left pleural effusion, accompanied by a Mycoplasma complement-fixation titer increasing to 1:16,384. Serial chest radiographs demonstrated resolution of the pneumonia and effusion, followed by development of a(More)
Tien et al. (J. Appl. Physiol.: Respirat. Environ. Exercise Physiol. 46: 565-570, 1979) found reproducible details in the configuration of averaged maximal expiratory flow-volume curves and suggested that these details may correspond to sudden relocations of airway choke points. The occurrence of choke points depends on factors affecting local airway(More)
PURPOSE To describe a simple technique to define the anatomically accurate urethral location in the postimplant CT scans, after permanent prostate seed implants, without the discomfort associated with use of a catheter. METHODS AND MATERIALS We perform preplanned, preloaded transperineal transrectal ultrasound-guided permanent seed implants for men with(More)
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