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Chronic respiratory conditions are responsible for increasing numbers of patients in need of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT). However, many patients do not use their oxygen as prescribed. Unless we can assist these patients in living with oxygen therapy, optimal clinical outcomes will not be achieved. We conducted a meta-synthesis of qualitative research(More)
PURPOSE Studies show that co-bedding is a common cause of death in babies. The purpose of this study is to identify teaching strategies that can be used to increase safe sleep practices. DESIGN AND METHODS A rigorous systematic literature search identified articles that expressed ways in which to provide co-bedding teaching or provided recommended(More)
Case illustrations from central Indiana provide the narrative for infant suffocations because of unsafe sleep environments. Accidental strangulation or suffocation in bed is caused by co-bedding, blankets and pillows in cribs, or wedging and entrapment. Knowledge of the evidence-based risks associated with case data may assist further in the prevention of(More)
This article presents the utility and lessons learned regarding subscription to a database service for tracking nurse practitioner clinical education at the Indiana University School of Nursing. Initiatives and activities, such as the one described in this article, support the implementation of the Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform strategic(More)
For those individuals diagnosed with diabetes, the challenge is how to cope and manage the many aspects of their lives. The aim of this qualitative synthesis was to evaluate research studies for findings and then synthesize patients' experiences within the context of diabetes self-care while facing daily barriers. A total of 95 findings from 21 studies were(More)
The purpose of this article was to synthesize qualitative research data that examine parental coping strategies following infant death. This qualitative synthesis found that parents who effectively cope with the death of their infant would continue the bond with the deceased child, have differences in the way they manage their emotions about the loss, and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this qualitative research study was to expand our understanding of the process of communication between parents of hospitalized technology dependent children and their nurses originally detailed in the Theory of Shared Communication (TSC). DESIGN AND METHODS This grounded theory study was conducted with five parents of technology(More)
BACKGROUND With advances in health care, the population of children who are technology-dependent is increasing and, therefore, the need for nurses to understand how best to engage in communication with the parents of these children is critical. Shared communication between the parents of hospitalized technology-dependent children and their nurses is(More)
Women's health care in the United States has been described as unsatisfactory and falling behind the Healthy People 2010 objectives. Inadequate health care due to a shortage of providers is especially problematic for women who are poor with lower socioeconomic status. Advanced practice nurses are well suited to address this need. In this article, preceptor(More)
There is increasing interest in the use of mobile technologies for nursing educational purposes in academic settings, but few evaluative studies exist. Understanding the best use of podcasting during distance learning is basic for instructional design. This pilot study compared online reading to a supplementary podcast to determine graduate nursing(More)