Deborah Sole

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Sharing experiences through stories is emerging in various professions as a powerful way to exchange and consolidate knowledge. Research suggests that sharing experiences though narrative builds trust, cultivates norms, transfers tacit knowledge, facilitates unlearning, and generates emotional connections. This brief aims to look closely at the power of(More)
We define collaborative technologies broadly as those technologies enabling individuals and groups to communicate, collaborate, and interact to share knowledge and information, focusing on those that facilitate dispersed interaction across time and/or space. Abstract Dispersed, cross-functional development teams—a particular type of virtual team—confront a(More)
Storytelling is an ancient and traditional way of passing on complex, multi-dimensional information and ideas through narrative. Of course, stories have many purposes and styles; of particular interest here are 'knowledge-sharing stories'. Knowledge sharing stories convey in a holistic form, all the essential details of a critical or exemplary situation—(More)
Action Plan B3 of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA) focuses on the integrated care of chronic diseases. Area 5 (Care Pathways) was initiated using chronic respiratory diseases as a model. The chronic respiratory disease action plan includes (1) AIRWAYS integrated care pathways (ICPs), (2) the joint initiative(More)
The ability to mobilize knowledge from different parts of an organization is central to organizational success in changeable and competitive, global environments. Although there is much research on knowledge transfer in organizations, it focuses predominantly on organizational units as a level of analysis, and attends primarily to the outcomes rather than(More)
Allergic diseases often occur early in life and persist throughout life. This life‑course perspective should be considered in allergen immunotherapy. In particular it is essential to understand whether this al treatment may be used in old age adults. The current paper was developed by a working group of AIRWAYS integrated care pathways for airways diseases,(More)