Deborah Slipetz

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Common inflammatome gene signatures as well as disease-specific signatures were identified by analyzing 12 expression profiling data sets derived from 9 different tissues isolated from 11 rodent inflammatory disease models. The inflammatome signature significantly overlaps with known drug targets and co-expressed gene modules linked to metabolic disorders(More)
Two different series of very potent and selective EP(3) antagonists have been reported: a novel series of ortho-substituted cinnamic acids [Belley, M., Gallant, M., Roy, B., Houde, K., Lachance, N., Labelle, M., Trimble, L., Chauret, N., Li, C., Sawyer, N., Tremblay, N., Lamontagne, S., Carrière, M.-C., Denis, D., Greig, G. M., Slipetz, D., Metters, K. M.,(More)
Reversible Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors such as Tofacitinib(Changelian, et al., 2003;Flanagan, et al., 2010) and Decernotinib(Farmer, et al., 2015;Mahajan, et al., 2015) block cytokine signaling and are efficacious in treating autoimmune diseases (Kremer, et al., 2009;Fleischmann, et al., 2015;Fleischmann, et al., 2015;Krueger, et al., 2016;Sandborn, et(More)
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