Deborah S. Won

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Increasing the retention rate of engineering/ computer science students and enhancing student design skills are two major challenges in engineering education. This paper presents a team effort to implement Collaborative Project-based Learning (CPBL) using Tablet PC technology in a broad spectrum of engineering and computer science courses from freshman to(More)
To analyse the information content of multi-unit signals, cases of two and three superimposed neural responses to a stimulus were simulated. The multi-unit Shannon information rates were compared with those of the constituent single-unit spike trains and also with those of corresponding labelled line signals. The mutual information in the multi-unit(More)
Spike sorting is a technologically expensive component of the signal processing chain required to interpret population spike activity acquired in a neuromotor prosthesis. No systematic analysis of the value of spike sorting has been carried out, and little is known about the effects of spike sorting error on the ability of a brain-machine interface (BMI) to(More)
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