Deborah Ribble

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BACKGROUND Analyzing apoptosis has been an integral component of many biological studies. However, currently available methods for quantifying apoptosis have various limitations including multiple, sometimes cell-damaging steps, the inability to quantify live, necrotic and apoptotic cells at the same time, and non-specific detection (i.e. "false positive").(More)
The cholesterol-lowering medications, statins, inhibit cellular proliferation and induce apoptosis in an array of cancer cell lines, including melanoma. We investigated the apoptotic mechanism of lovastatin on human melanoma cell lines in vitro. The cytotoxicity of statins on multiple cell lines was examined by Cell Titer 96 Aqueous One solution cell(More)
Hyperthermia, the procedure of exposing cells to a temperature between 42 degrees and 49 degrees C, has been shown to be a promising approach for cancer treatment. To understand the underlying mechanisms of hyperthermic killing of cancer cells, it is critical to have an accurate temperature measurement technique and a heating method with high(More)
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