Deborah R Tindell

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Cued recall of categorized lists was used to examine effects of category structure on the creation of false memories. In three experiments, category members that had not been presented on studied categorized lists were nonetheless recalled by participants. Delaying the category cued recall test (Experiment 1) and priming category members that had been(More)
In 4 category cued recall experiments, participants falsely recalled nonlist common members, a semantic confusion error. Errors were more likely if critical nonlist words were presented on an incidental task, causing source memory failures called episodic confusion errors. Participants could better identify the source of falsely recalled words if they had(More)
The effects of the infusion of ACTH1-24 and proopiomelanocortin on the denervated adrenal gland have been investigated in conscious 3-6 weeks-old calves by means of the adrenal-clamp technique. To prevent variation in the release of endogenous ACTH the pituitary stalk was cauterized during preparatory surgery. ACTH1-24 (5 ng/min per kg, i.v.) increased the(More)
This study tested whether participants who deny knowledge about a study and agree to maintain confidentiality should be trusted. 75 female and 33 male undergraduates from a small, private university participated. Their ages ranged from 17 to 43 years (M= 19.9, SD= 2.8). Participants were given vital information about a problem-solving study by a(More)
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