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This paper describes how a software development division in a large corporate environment found a creative way to integrate human factors techniques into their development processes. It discusses the limitations of a single Human Factors Engineer, the needs of a typical engineer on a software project, and how these limitations and needs produced the(More)
business " Frontiers in Electronic Media " figure 21. See page 61 I International studies have the potential to introduce a particular bias that can falsely attribute differences in user needs to geography or culture. We have coined the term " cultural false positives " to describe study results that mistakenly ascribe differences in users' goals and tasks(More)
This article characterizes the academic, administrative, clinical service, and fiscal characteristics of departments of psychiatry in traditional children's hospitals to determine the characteristics of fiscally successful programs. A survey of chairs of psychiatry from short-term general children's hospitals was conducted based on 38 questions addressing(More)
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