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Cells inversely adjust the plasma membrane levels of integrins and cadherins during cell migration and cell-cell adhesion but the regulatory mechanisms that coordinate these trafficking events remain unknown. Here, we demonstrate that the small GTPase Rab35 maintains cadherins at the cell surface to promote cell-cell adhesion. Simultaneously, Rab35(More)
Haemophilus somnus strain 649 was found to acquire iron from ovine, bovine, and goat transferrins (Tfs). Expression of Tf receptors, as evaluated by solid-phase binding assays, required the organisms to be grown under iron-restricted conditions in the presence of Tf. Competition binding assays revealed the presence of two distinct Tf-binding receptor(More)
The caleosin genes encode proteins with a single conserved EF hand calcium-binding domain and comprise small gene families found in a wide range of plant species. Some members of the gene family have been shown to be upregulated by environmental stresses including low water availability and high salinity. Caleosin 3 from wheat has been shown to interact(More)
Using microarray analysis, we identified regulatory and signaling-related genes with differential expression in three genotypes with varying degrees of salt tolerance, Triticum aestivum , the amphiploid, and the wheat substitution line DS3E(3A). Lophopyrum elongatum is among one of the most salt-tolerant members of the Triticeae; important genetic stocks(More)
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