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The blink reflex was investigated in two patients after a facial-hypoglossal anastomosis had been performed. In each case the first component of the blink reflex could be demonstrated with normal latency on the operated side after ipsilateral supraorbital stimulation. These findings give further evidence that the first component of the blink reflex is not(More)
In 13 patients with compressive spinal cord lesions we performed a trial of treatment with hyperbaric oxygen (HO). This therapy was postoperatively administered when neurological deficit persisted. In order to assess the effect of each individual HO session (given daily at an inspiratory oxygen pressure (PO2) of 1.5 atmospheres absolute for 40 min) as well(More)
During a postural innervation, cerebellar intention tremor can be produced by applying direct stimulus to the muscle. The stimulus is followed by a silent period of 160 to 200 ms, which exceeds the normal variation. Simultaneously, a massive rebound in the antagonistic muscle is evoked due to the tension reflex in the agonistic muscle. Passive shortening or(More)
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