Deborah Lin

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BACKGROUND New York City residents were exposed to a variety of inhaled substances after the collapse of the World Trade Center. Exposure to these substances might lead to an increase in asthma severity, with residential distance from Ground Zero predictive of the degree of change. OBJECTIVE We sought to assess the effect of the World Trade Center(More)
Cortical function and related cognitive, language, and communication skills are genetically influenced. The auditory brainstem response to speech is linked to language skill, reading ability, cognitive skills, and speech-in-noise perception; however, the impact of shared genetic and environmental factors on the response has not been investigated. We(More)
A rare case of myoepithelial hamartoma of the duodenal wall is presented, and previous case reports found in the literature are reviewed. Myoepithelial hamartomas are thought to arise from displaced pancreatic anlage present along the gastrointestinal tract during embryogenesis, which can differentiate into various pancreatic elements; the most highly(More)
At the core of every decision-making task are two simple features; outcome values and probabilities. Over the past few decades, many models have developed from von Neumann' and Morgenstern's (1945) Expected Utility Theory to provide a thorough account of people's subjective value and probability weighting functions. In particular, one such model that has(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to assess if metformin had any associations with the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in an adult type 2 diabetes population in the Midwest. HYPOTHESIS Use of metformin is associated with decreased prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea in a adult type 2 diabetes population. METHODS A retrospective secondary database(More)
In humans, alcoholism and depression are often interrelated. This study examines the effects of alcohol on peer separation-induced despair in rhesus monkeys, a proposed nonhuman primate model of depression. Alcohol, at three different dose levels, or placebo was administered to rhesus monkeys undergoing repeated peer separation. Low-dose alcohol (1(More)
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