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Accuracy of urine pH testing in a regional metabolic renal clinic: is the dipstick accurate enough?
Urine pH is a useful marker for assessing treatment need and efficacy in patients with nephrolithiasis. Though the gold standard of measurement is with a pH electrode, dipsticks offer the convenienceExpand
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Speech understanding in noise with earplugs and muffs in combination
Abstract An experiment was conducted to determine the effect on speech understanding of an earplug and muff, worn in combination. Two groups of 12 normal-hearing subjects were tested individually inExpand
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Active Noise Cancellation vs. Passive Sound Attenuation: Help or Hindrance?
Normal-hearing subjects show improved speech understanding when they wear conventional passive hearing protectors in noisy surroundings. Expand
A comparison of the effects of active noise reduction and conventional hearing protectors on auditory perception in normal and hearing‐impaired listeners.
The relative benefit of active noise reduction (ANR), compared with conventional hearing protection, was assessed. Two groups of normal‐hearing subjects, differing in age, and one group withExpand
Consonant discrimination in noise with earplugs and muffs in combination
The drawback for speech understanding of wearing sound attenuating earplugs and muffs in combination was investigated. Two groups of normal‐hearing subjects were tested in backgrounds ofExpand
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