Deborah L.Y. Wan

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Successful psychiatric rehabilitation entails fostering overall quality of life of individuals recovering from severe mental illnesses. Understanding how service-related perceptions may be related to quality of life can be useful in improving the effectiveness of community-based care. This study investigated the quality of life of mental health consumers(More)
Recent research efforts in oral biology have resulted in elucidation of the proteomes of major human salivary secretions and whole saliva. One might hypothesize that the proteome of minor gland secretions may show significantly different characteristics when compared with the proteomes of parotid or submandibular/sublingual secretions. To test this(More)
Interleukin-2 (IL-2) which is produced by T-lymphocytes is a protein molecule with the molecular weight of 15,420-Daltons. It has good functions in curing a lot of diseases such as cancer and AIDS even with a small quantity. A new method for purification of IL-2 by preparative high performance liquid chromatography is described. It was the first time to use(More)
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