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1. Sound localization was measured behaviourally for the Atlantic bottlenose porpoise (Tursiops truncatus) using a wide range of pure tone pulses as well as clicks simulating the species echolocation click. 2. Measurements of the minimum audible angle (MAA) on the horizontal plane give localization discrimination thresholds of between 2 and 3 degrees for(More)
The levels of the neural axis from which parasympathetic and orthosympathetic neurons and adrenomedullary cells are derived under normal developmental conditions were determined in avian embryos by a biological labeling technique. The technique is based on nuclear differences between two species of birds, the chick and the quail. In quail interphase nuclei(More)
Heterotopic transplantations of fragments of neural tube have been performed in the chick embryo on stage 22 somites. Brachial motor centres were replaced by a posterior segment of spinal cord. As a result, synpatic patterns of Posterior Latissimus Dorsi (PLD) and Anterior Latissimus Dorsi (ALD) were modified : PLD exhibited numerous muscle fibers with a(More)
Autoimmunity targeting voltage-gated potassium channel complexes have not been systematically documented in children. Identified in the Neuroimmunology Laboratory records of Mayo Clinic were 12 seropositive children, 7 among 252 Mayo Clinic pediatric patients tested on a service basis for serologic evidence of neurologic autoimmunity (June 2008-April 2010),(More)
The aim of this work was to study the influence upon differentiation of muscle fiber types of the multiple innervation induced in a fast muscle by chronic spinal cord stimulation. In previous work, we showed that low-frequency stimulation applied to the spinal cord of the chick embryo caused a distributed innervation of muscle fibers in the posterior(More)
—A 14-MHz in-plane nanoelectromechanical resonator based on a resonant-suspended-gate (RSG) MOSFET principle and integrated in a front-end process is demonstrated. The devices are in-plane flexural vibration mode beams (L = 10 µm, w = 165 nm, and h = 400 nm) with 120-nm gaps. This letter details the design and process flow fabrication steps. Then, the(More)
IMPORTANCE Reports of pediatric-onset stiff-man syndrome (SMS) are rare. This may be an underrecognized disorder in child neurology practice. OBJECTIVE To describe patients with disorders in the SMS spectrum beginning in childhood. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS This study was a medical record review and serological evaluation conducted at child and(More)