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PURPOSE Define an immunologic response using the tetramer and enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISPOT) assays. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Ten healthy subjects and 21 patients with melanoma (all HLA-A*0201) donated a total of 121 blood samples to determine the lower limit of detection (LLD), analytic coefficient of variation (aCV), and physiologic CV (pCV) of the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM This study sought to determine whether the favorable anti-inflammatory effects of aprotinin might limit ischemic damage during the revascularization of ischemic myocardium. METHODS Twenty pigs underwent 90 minutes of coronary occlusion followed by 45 minutes of blood cardioplegic arrest and 180 minutes of reperfusion. Ten animals(More)
Several of the manufacturers of cardiopulmonary bypass equipment have recently introduced new miniature cardiopulmonary bypass systems. New advancements in cardiopulmonary bypass technology are almost always of interest to the perfusion community. However, the question arises, what advantages do these systems offer over our present technology? The(More)
The use of heparin-bonded cardiopulmonary bypass circuits (HBCs) with reduced anticoagulation protocol during cardiac surgery attenuates some of the adverse pathophysiologic responses to cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). The strategies of how to maximize improvements in clinical outcomes using this technique are still debated. This article describes in detail a(More)
The deleterious effects of cardiotomy suction have been well recognized and well documented for some time. The use of cardiotomy suction results in the exposure of blood to the defoaming sock, aspiration of stagnant pericardial blood into the systemic circulation, and the entrainment of both fatty and gaseous microemboli. The purpose of this paper is to(More)
9682 Background: Monitoring tumor antigen-specific immunotherapy requires accurate and reproducible assays to identify pts that elicit an immune response. However, the performance specifications of cellular immunology assays, such as MHC-restricted tetramer assays, have not been well defined. METHODS Following informed consent and screening, 10 healthy(More)
307 Background: Documentation of a patient's code status preference is becoming an increasingly emphasized part of medical care. Hospitals are adopting protocols that encourage code status documentation at the time of admission; however, this requires patients to consider end of life care at a time of acute illness with a practitioner with whom they have(More)
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