Deborah L Johnston

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Much has been written about the measurement of socio-economic position (SEP) in high-income countries (HIC). Less has been written for an epidemiology, health systems and public health audience about the measurement of SEP in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). The social stratification processes in many LMIC-and therefore the appropriate measurement(More)
Population mobility is commonly identified as a key driver of the HIV epidemic, both linking geographically separate epidemics and intensifying transmission through inducing riskier sexual behaviours. However, beyond the well-known case studies of South African miners and East African truck drivers, the evidence on the links between HIV and mobility is(More)
Cordyceps sinensis (Cs) and Rhodiola rosea (Rr) are herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat a multitude of ailments as well as to enhance performance. The purpose of this research was to examine the effects of a formula containing Cs and Rr (Cs-Rr) on circulatory dynamics, specifically muscle tissue oxygen saturation (Sto(2)), in male subjects(More)
This paper examines the results of population-level interventions conducted in three settings: entire communities, worksites, and schools. Four major conclusions are discussed: (a) Directions for the next generation of community-based interventions include targeting multiple levels of influence; addressing social inequalities in disease risk; involving(More)
TD-6424, a rapidly bactericidal agent with multiple mechanisms of action, is more potent in vitro and more rapidly bactericidal than currently available agents against methicillin-susceptible and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. TD-6424 produces a postantibiotic effect with a duration of 4 to 6 h against these organisms. The results suggest(More)
Agricultural production, food systems and population health are intimately linked. While there is a strong evidence base to inform our knowledge of what constitutes a healthy human diet, we know little about actual food production or consumption in many populations and how developments in the food and agricultural system will affect dietary intake patterns(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the hemodynamic responses and the adverse effects associated with two coronary vasodilators used for pharmacologic stress testing. DESIGN We retrospectively studied the results of adenosine and dipyridamole perfusion imaging in a large group of patients who underwent pharmacologic stress radionuclide perfusion imaging. MATERIAL AND(More)
Socioeconomic position (SEP) is an important risk factor for malaria, but there is no consensus on how to measure SEP in malaria studies. We evaluated the relative strength of four indicators of SEP in predicting malaria risk in Nagongera, Uganda. A total of 318 children resident in 100 households were followed for 36 months to measure parasite prevalence(More)
BACKGROUND Value chain analyses are commonly used to understand socioeconomic and power relationships in the production chain from the initial starting material to a final (generally high value) product. These analyses help in terms of understanding economic processes but also have been used in the context of socioeconomic and socioecological research. (More)