Deborah L Engle

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BACKGROUND In vitro studies have shown that Vitamin E succinate (VES) arrests lung cancer proliferation; however, in vivo studies have not been performed. This study examined in vivo effects of VES on lung cancer. METHODS An in vitro dose-response curve of human A549 lung cancer tumors to VES was established. A549 tumors were established in the right(More)
We have developed a unique in vivo system to determine the relationship between endogenous altered peptide ligands and the development of major histocompatibility complex class II- restricted T cells. Our studies use the 3.L2 T cell receptor (TCR) transgenic mouse, in which T cells are specific for Hb(64-76)/I-Ek and positively selected on I-Ek plus(More)
Positive and negative selection of thymocytes is determined by the specificity of the TCR and signaling through its associated molecules. We have studied selection of thymocytes bearing a MHC class II-restricted TCR using fetal thymic organ culture. This system allows the addition of peptides to the already diverse panoply of endogenous peptide ligands and(More)
We report an inducible system of self Ag expression that examines the relationship between serum protein levels and central T cell tolerance. This transgenic approach is based on tetracycline-regulated expression of a secreted form of hen egg lysozyme, tagged with a murine hemoglobin (Hb) epitope. In the absence of the tetracycline-regulated transactivator,(More)
BACKGROUND Undergraduate medical education (UME) follows the lead of graduate medical education (GME) in moving to competency-based assessment. The means for and the timing of competency-based assessments in UME are unclear. OBJECTIVE We explored the feasibility of using the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Transitional Year (TY)(More)
After participating in a group peer-review exercise at a workshop presented by Academic Medicine and MedEdPORTAL editors at the 2015 Association of American Medical Colleges Medical Education Meeting, the authors realized that the way their work group reviewed a manuscript was very different from the way by which they each would have reviewed the paper as(More)
PROBLEM Physicians need training in community engagement, leadership, and population health to prepare them to work with partners within the community and to adapt medical care to address population health needs. APPROACH With an overall goal of training primary care practitioners to be change agents for improving population health, the Duke University(More)
The outcome of thymocyte selection is influenced by the nature of Ca2+ signals transduced by the TCR. Robust Ca2+ responses characterize high-affinity, negatively selecting peptide/TCR interactions, while modest responses typify lower-affinity, positively selecting interactions. To elucidate mechanisms by which thymocytes decode distinct Ca2+ signals, we(More)
BACKGROUND Induction of apoptosis by tamoxifen has been postulated to involve oxidative stress. Tamoxifen (TAM) may act on estrogen receptors (ER) located in the plasma membrane. Our hypothesis that supplemental antioxidant vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) acts at the plasma membrane to alter the effectiveness of tamoxifen was tested in ER-positive breast(More)