Deborah L. Billings

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Adaptation and implementation of a primary mental health project based on work with children affected by political repression in Guatemala and Argentina are described. This intervention model utilizes a variety of expressive arts techniques to help children express their thoughts and feelings about growing up in exile. The model emphasizes the training of(More)
Postabortion care has received increasing emphasis as an important intervention to address part of the problem of unsafe abortion. Although a good deal of attention has been paid to improving emergency treatment of abortion complications, the other elements of postabortion care, including providing postabortion family planning services, have received less(More)
reproduced or translated, in part or in full, for educational and/or nonprofit purposes if: (1) Ipas is notified in advance of the extent and nature of the intended use; (2) Ipas's copyright is acknowledged in the reproduced materials, and the authors' names, document title and date are clearly cited; and (3) a copy of the material is sent to Ipas. The(More)
Unsafe abortion continues to be a major contributor to maternal mortality and morbidity around the world. This article examines the role of pharmacists in expanding women's access to safe medical abortion in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Available research shows that although pharmacists and pharmacy workers often sell abortion medications to women,(More)
The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of USAID. SUMMARY Unsafe abortion is a serious public health problem in Bolivia, accounting for up to 25 percent of maternal mortality. Postabortion care (PAC) was recognized as a priority public health action in Bolivia in 1994 in the country's preparatory(More)
BACKGROUND HPV infection causes cervical cancer, a major contributor to morbidity and mortality among low-income Mexican women. Human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA testing is now a primary screening strategy in Mexico's early cervical cancer detection program (ECDP). Research on Mexican women's perceptions of HPV and testing is necessary for establishing(More)
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