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In this study we have addressed the question of how activation and inhibition of human NK cells is regulated by the expression level of MHC class I protein on target cells. Using target cell transfectants sorted to stably express different levels of the MHC class I protein HLA-Cw6, we show that induction of degranulation and that of IFN-γ secretion are not(More)
In this study we examined the effect of hypnosis on preoperative anxiety. Subjects were randomized into 3 groups, a hypnosis group (n = 26) who received suggestions of well-being; an attention-control group (n = 26) who received attentive listening and support without any specific hypnotic suggestions and a "standard of care" control group (n = 24). Anxiety(More)
The relationship of cognitive capacity, cognitive egocentrism, and experience factors to decision making in a contraceptive usage problem was examined. Fifty sexually active, unmarried females, ages 14-19, served as subjects. Using correlational, regression, and canonical correlational analyses, cognitive capacity and cognitive egocentrism variables, not(More)
Introduction This paper seeks to define a new method for representing and managing description of archival collections using OAI-ORE. This new method has two advantages. Firstly, it adapts traditional archival description methods for the contemporary reality that digital collections, unlike collections of physical materials, are not best described by(More)
Lyn, an Src-family protein tyrosine kinase expressed in B lymphocytes, contributes to initiation of BCR signaling and is also responsible for feedback inhibition of BCR signaling. Lyn-deficient mice have a decreased number of follicular B cells and also spontaneously develop a lupus-like autoimmunity. We used flow cytometric analysis, BrdU labeling and our(More)
Despite high profile discussions of user-centered design in the CHI community, until recently a substantial population of users has been largely ignored. Users who have restricted or no use of hands, eyes, ears, or voice due to environment, task context, repetitive strain injury, or disability constitute a diverse and significant user population, but these(More)