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Patterns of growth in verbal abilities among children with autism spectrum disorder.
Verbal skills were assessed at approximately ages 2, 3, 5, and 9 years for 206 children with a clinical diagnosis of autism (n = 98), pervasive developmental disorders-not otherwise specifiedExpand
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Leaving An Abusive Partner
Four facets of leaving an abusive relationship are reviewed: (a) factors related to initially leaving an abusive partner; (b) the process of leaving an abusive relationship; (c) the psychologicalExpand
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Predicting young adult outcome among more and less cognitively able individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
BACKGROUND The range of outcomes for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and the early childhood factors associated with this diversity have implications for clinicians and scientists.Expand
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Evaluation of a domestic violence training for child protection workers & supervisors: Initial results
A two day domestic violence training for child protection personnel was evaluated using self-report responses to two case descriptions. One hundred thirty-seven supervisors and 369 workers wereExpand
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Changes in maladaptive behaviors from midchildhood to young adulthood in autism spectrum disorder.
The current study prospectively examined trajectories of change in symptoms of irritability, hyperactivity, and social withdrawal, as well as predictors of such behaviors, for ages 9-18 years forExpand
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Patterns of Growth in Adaptive Social Abilities Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Adaptive social skills were assessed longitudinally at approximately ages 2, 3, 5, 9, and 13 years in a sample of 192 children with a clinical diagnosis of autism (n = 93), PDD-NOS (n = 51), orExpand
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Long-term Trends in Depression among Women Separated from Abusive Partners
This study tested a cumulative adversity hypothesis, where differences in postseparation stressors among battered women were expected to lead to a widening gap in levels of women's depression overExpand
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Rapid morphological change in Miocene marsupials and rodents associated with a volcanic catastrophe in Argentina
ABSTRACT Large fossil samples collected from a continuous series of stratigraphic levels are ideal for studying the tempo and mode of phyletic evolution. Study of two such coeval mammalian lineagesExpand
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Thermoregulatory Behavior of the North American Lizards Cnemidophorus velox and Sceloporus undulatus
The patterns of thermoregulation of Cnemidophorus velox and Sceloporus undulatus were compared and related to their foraging modes. In nature, C. velox are widely foraging lizards and mostExpand
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