Deborah K. B. Runyoro

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BACKGROUND Candida albicans has become resistant to the already limited, toxic and expensive anti-Candida agents available in the market. These factors necessitate the search for new anti-fungal agents. METHODS Sixty-three plant extracts, from 56 Tanzanian plant species obtained through the literature and interviews with traditional healers, were(More)
Combretum zeyheri Sond (Combretaceae) has been reported to exhibit anticandida activity against Candida kruzei, C. albicans, and C. parapsilosis; however, the active constituents have not been isolated so far. A bioactivity-guided fractionation of MeOH extract of C. zeyheri resulted in the isolation of triterpenoids, ursolic acid (1.1), oleanolic acid(More)
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