Deborah Jacobson

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OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Surgical resection of intradural pathology through an endonasal corridor creates defects that communicate the subarachnoid space with the sinonasal tract. Reconstruction of these defects with vascularized tissue is superior to any other method. The purpose of this study is to describe a novel vascularized pedicled flap from the middle(More)
The effects of 12 days of continuous monocular occlusion on the stereoscopic acuity and the magnitude of the fixation disparity associated with a given amount of prism-forced vergence were investigated in six adult subjects with normal binocular vision. After the period of occlusion, all six subjects were able to perceive stereopsis, although four of the(More)
Mid-facial development is an extremely complex process involving coordinated events and precise timing. Cleft lip (CL) may result from the failed fusion of the lateral and medial nasal processes in the developing embryo. It has been postulated that spontaneous CL in the A/J strain of mice may be due to a predisposing face shape (Trasler, '68). This(More)
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