Deborah J. Fisher

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A mathematical model has been constructed to assist in planning the future requirements of a combined haemodialysis and transplantation centre. It has been used to predict the number of patients in the dialysis unit, the general wards, and at home on dialysis, as well as providing further information on transplantation rates and overall costs. The model can(More)
  • D J Fisher
  • 1988
This essay is a critique of Russell Jacoby's The repression of psychoanalysis: Otto Fenichel and the political Freudians (New York, Basic Books, 1983), translated into French by P.U.F. Jacoby depicts Fenichel and his circle of colleagues as political Freudians whose early years were decisively colored by radical youth movements, leftwing politics, the early(More)
In this article, it is argued that the perceived gap between basic scientists and clinical practitioners originates in the epistemological persuasions of each group, that is, in their view of genuine knowledge and the process by which knowledge is obtained. The broad implications of this disparity for the education of practicing pharmacists are discussed.(More)
Release the full potential of your user services team and drive them to new heights using emotional intelligence as a guide. You and your team already possess untapped skills that will allow you to lead users to new territories and provide superior support along the trail. We will draw on real life examples and discuss how we use emotional intelligence and(More)