Deborah J. Bodeau

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—Increasing dependence on cyberspace makes preparedness against cyber threats integral to mission assurance. The nature of cyber threats in general – and advanced persistent threats in particular – requires a longer-term commitment from senior leadership, including vision, strategy, and investment prioritization as well as the organizational agility to(More)
With the growing capability, expertise and intent of advanced cyber adversaries, it is no longer realistic to assume that one can successfully keep all adversaries out of a system infrastructure. Therefore, architecture and systems engineering must be based on the assumption that systems or components have been or can be compromised, and that missions and(More)
To perform key business functions, organizations in critical infrastructure sectors such as healthcare or finance increasingly need to share identifying and authorization-related information. Such information sharing requires negotiation about identity safeguarding policies and capabilities, as provided by processes, technologies, tools, and models. That(More)
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