Deborah Horne

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  • Brenda V Smith, Lorie Brisbin, Susan Carle, Darren Hutchinson, Fernanda Nicola, Loren +6 others
  • 2012
It is well known that sexual abuse occurs within the correctional system. That female correctional staff commit a significant proportion of that sexual abuse is met with discomfort bordering on disbelief. This discomfort has limited the discourse about female correctional workers who abuse men or boys under their care. Scant scholarship exists that(More)
Clostridium sp. strain FS41 (DSM 6877) is a strictly anaerobic and Gram-positive spindle-shaped rod. This spore-forming bacterium is able to degrade N-methylhydantoin, with N-carbamoylsarcosine and sarcosine as intermediates. The genome consists of one replicon (6.28 Mb) and harbors 5,735 predicted protein-coding genes.
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