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OBJECTIVE To investigate the microbial adherence and colonization of a polyspecies biofilm on 7 differently processed titanium surfaces. MATERIAL AND METHODS Six-species biofilms were formed anaerobically on 5-mm-diameter sterilized, saliva-preconditioned titanium discs. Material surfaces used were either machined, stained, acid-etched or(More)
Mating plugs occluding the female gonopore after mating are a widespread phenomenon. In scorpions, two main types of mating plugs are found: sclerotized mating plugs being parts of the spermatophore that break off during mating, and gel-like mating plugs being gelatinous fluids that harden in the female genital tract. In this study, the gel-like mating plug(More)
BACKGROUND Increased levels of anxiety may affect a patient's receptiveness to treatment, health care information and behaviour modification. This study was undertaken to assess pre-treatment anxiety in a dental hygiene recall population maintaining a schedule of regular preventive care appointments. METHODS The sample population consisted of 46(More)
Psychophysical experiments in humans have revealed similar characteristics of visual receptive fields as were found in cats and monkeys from retinal ganglion cell recordings. In addition, in some retinal ganglion cells of cats the GABA antagonist bicuculline decreases the activity of the inhibitory surround. These findings led to two predicitions: 1)(More)
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