Deborah H Eldredge

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OBJECTIVE To assess and compare levels of nurse-physician collaboration and satisfaction with the decision-making process as reported by critical care nurses, resident physicians (residents), and attending physicians (attendings) in making decisions to transfer individual patients out of the critical care unit, and to assess if satisfaction predicts nurse(More)
Frequencies of tones are mapped on to distances along the organ of Corti by associating behaviorally measured threshold shifts with regions of hair-cell loss. The central tendency found for 95 frequency-position matches by four observers on 21 ears is approximated by a straight-line, log-linear relation between frequency and position. Only a small portion(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of collaboration between intensive care unit (ICU) physicians and nurses and patient outcome. DESIGN Prospective, descriptive, correlational study using self-report instruments. SETTINGS A community teaching hospital medical ICU, a university teaching hospital surgical ICU, and a community non-teaching hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Even though coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death among women in the United States, most women underestimate their risk of developing CHD. DESIGN Survey to examine the relationship between women's recollection of being told they were at risk for CHD and the presence of risk factors. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS A convenience(More)
The efferent crossed olivocochlear bundle (COCB) was transected in the brain stem of the chinchilla, and the animals sacrificed 7 to 96 days later. Electron microscopy revealed that all the large efferent nerve endings on outer hair cells in the basalmost 2 mm (round window region) of the cochlea had degenerated, 87.5% in the remainder of the first turn,(More)
DAVIS, HALLOWELL, BRITE H. DEATHERAGE, DONALII H. ELDREDGE AND CATHERINE A. SMITH. Suwzmating potentials of the cochlea. Am. J. Physiol. 195(2): 251-261. 19$X--When the ear is stimulated by a steady tone Scala media and Scala vestibuli become less positive electrically relative to Scala tympani. This ‘summating potential’ (SP) is a d.c. change related to(More)