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Eight cases of life-threatening sequelae of relatively minor penetrating injuries of the gluteal region, involving the gluteal or internal pudendal arteries, are reported. The modes of presentation included exsanguinating external hemorrhage (two), acute false aneurysm (one), and chronic false aneurysm (five). Failure to appreciate the nature of the lesion(More)
We report the use of a Foley catheter, placed through the wound, to provide balloon tamponade of major bleeding from the neck and supraclavicular fossae. In 10 consecutive explorations for exsanguinating injury in these regions balloon tamponade was used eight times, and was judged to be fully effective in four patients, partly effective in one, and(More)
Arm cuff blood pressure (BP) may overestimate cardiovascular risk. Central aortic BP predicts mortality and could be a better method for patient management. We sought to determine the usefulness of central BP to guide hypertension management. This was a prospective, open-label, blinded-end point study in 286 patients with hypertension randomized to(More)
This paper reviews 105 fatal cases of blunt trauma, in which death occurred after arrival at hospital. Data are presented with reference to age, sex, nature of injuries and length of stay. An assessment was made as to whether any major lesions remained undiagnosed or were undertreated; 16 per cent of these deaths were found to be due, at least in part, to(More)
This descriptive correlation study evaluated the pain intensity, pain distress and morphine consumption in patients recovering from coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery in an Australian intensive care unit (ICU) and compared patients' pain intensity ratings with ratings of the nursing staff. Forty-three patients and their attending nurses rated(More)
BACKGROUND Central blood pressure (BP) predicts mortality independent of office brachial BP. Whether central BP may be useful to differentiate BP control requires examination and was the first aim of this study. Secondly, we sought to determine the variability in central BP among patients from different categories of BP control [controlled hypertension(More)
Polymerised pyridoxylated haemoglobin solution (PPSFH) is a modified haemoglobin solution which has a normal oxygen carrying capacity, long half-life, and reasonable oxygen affinity, and is a leading candidate for use as an oxygen carrying blood substitute. Previous work has given indications that vasoactive factors may be present. A bioassay sensitive to(More)
One hundred and forty-four deaths occurring as a result of road traffic accidents are reported, with reference to circumstance of accident, cause of death, severity of injury and blood alcohol levels. In seven cases there may have been a contribution to death from aspiration of blood or vomit. In two other cases there were lesions which might have responded(More)
INTRODUCTION Torsion of the testis is a well known entity having been first described in detail in 1840. To establish if the management of torsion of the testis has changed in recent years we have carried out a retrospective review of cases presenting to three teaching hospitals and two district general hospitals in Northern Ireland over the three years to(More)
OBJECTIVES Recruitment of sufficient sample size into clinical trials is challenging. Conventional advertising methods are expensive and are often ineffective. The effectiveness of Facebook for recruitment into blood pressure clinical trials of middle-to-older-aged people is unknown. This study aimed to assess this by comparing Facebook advertising with(More)