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Bridging the Boundary: External Activity and Performance in Organizational Teams.
We thank Lotte Bailyn, Keith Mumighan. Elaine RtMnanelli, the Center for Innovation Management Studies. Bob Sutton, and tfie anonymous reviewers at Administrative Science Quarteriy for their supportExpand
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Demography and Design: Predictors of New Product Team Performance
The increasing reliance on teams in organizations raises the question of how these teams should be formed. Should they be formed completely of engineers or should they include a range of specialists?Expand
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Outward Bound: Strategic for Team Survival in an Organization
Using an external perspective as a research lens, this study examined team-context interaction in five consulting teams. The data revealed three strategies toward the teams' environment: informing,Expand
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Time: A New Research Lens
The article discusses the issue of time as it pertains to organizational research. The author believes that looking at research in terms of time is a powerful tool in assessing organizationalExpand
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Taking Time to Integrate Temporal Research
Research on time in organizations spans disciplines and introduces a wide range of concepts. Here we set out to find an underlying structure to clarify the current state of temporal research. OurExpand
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Outward Bound: Strategies for Team Survival in the Organization
Using the external perspective as a research lens, this study examines team-context interaction in five consulting teams. The data show three strategies toward the environment: informing, parading,Expand
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Beyond Task and Maintenance: Defining External Functions in Groups
Using interview and log data from 38 new product team managers and 15 team members, we identify a set of activities that group members use to manage their dependence on external groups. Expand
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The Functional Perspective as a Lens for Understanding Groups
The functional perspective is a normative approach to describing and predicting group performance that focuses on the functions of inputs and/or processes. The aim of theory and research from thisExpand
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X-Teams: How To Build Teams That Lead, Innovate, And Succeed
Why do good teams fail? Very often, argue Deborah Ancona and Henrik Bresman, it is because they are looking inward instead of outward. Based on years of research examining teams across manyExpand
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In praise of the incomplete leader
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